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One of the most anticipated movies of 2018! Black Panther!

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We are excited to see that the revolution will not be televised, but will be broadcast on the big screen. Looking forward to Marvel Studios Black Panther.

They say the revolution will not be televised, but it will be on the big screen.

It is black history month and it seems that Black Panther is the movie to see. We are looking forward to being at the premiere of this most anticipated event.

Getting tickets early. Join us for a night at the movies and our upcoming review from 3TR.

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One Friends Plotline That Matthew Perry Refused To Do

Unfortunately, Andy Cohen didn’t have time to follow up with Matthew Perry on the reason he didn’t like this possible story. I have to admit, though, now that I’ve heard about this, I kinda wish it had happened. And since I’ve probably seen every episode at least four times, I can sort of imagine how this would play out, which will be excellent for my Chandler-centric fan fiction. Oh, well. Maybe if we ever get that Friends reunion they say will never happen they can use this plot as part of it. Until you come across a cool Friends repeat, be sure to use our summer premiere schedule and Netflix premiere guide to fill out your viewing schedule in the coming months.

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New Wonder Woman Clip Pits Diana Against One Of The Main Villains

In this Wonder Woman clip provided to IGN, we see Diana barging in on the military operation General Ludendorff is overseeing. He appears to recognize her, which would make sense given that earlier Wonder Woman trailers showed those two at the same party, but he has no problem with swiftly eliminating her. What he didn’t count on what Diana being able to deflect his bullet straight back at his gun. From there the intense fight sequence breaks out, and even though Diana has trained as a warrior for gods know how long on Themyscira, Ludendorff, a normal human by all appearances, puts up a good fight. That said, given how she grabs her sword after Ludendorff tries to cut her down with it, we suspect she’ll come out of this victorious.

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