Fortnite Players Are Suggesting Ways to Change the Damage Trap Nerf

Ever since Fortnite’s latest patch reduced the damage output of the Damage Trap from 125 to 75, fans have been searching for possible ways to reverse this surprising nerf.

The shocking change was revealed with little fanfare and fans were left wondering why such an adjustment was even put in place. Traps can be deadly, that’s without question. If a player hasn’t had the chance to use shields and fell into a trap, it would mean instant death or being knocked down if you’re playing in a team. With this change, players with full health can still get away, albeit barely.

Fans have been brainstorming ideas on how to fix this new issue. Reddit user Glitch_Pig suggested that traps should come with rarity, with blue rare traps dealing 100 damage while the gold legendary traps give out 150. Another user KevinCrazzyGuy proposes that traps increase in damage over time. After three minutes, traps can increase to 100 damage and change to a more obvious color to make the powerful ones easier to spot.

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