Fortnite Update Changes The Avengers: Infinity War Mode Again

Epic Games is updating Fortnite again to make changes to the limited-time Avengers: Infinity War mode that features the mega-powerful Thanos and his gauntlet. Specifically, the update will change his attributes to make him more powerful, but also somewhat easier to kill.

Starting off Thanos’ Beam is now deadlier; it does 20 damage instead of 12. Additionally, punch damage is increased from 80 to 100. Balancing this out somewhat is the fact that Thanos’ health now stands at 500 instead of 800.

Regarding these changes, Epic said in a post on Reddit, “Our goal is to allow more folks to truly experience the power of Thanos, while also making you feel powerful when wielding the gauntlet.”

Today’s update also addresses loot drops in the Infinity Gauntlet mode. With the update, only Rare, Epic, and Legendary-level weapons will spawn, which in turn should give players more firepower to help take down Thanos.

The new Fortnite update also makes some general changes, including lowering the height of the battle bus and a bigger storm circle at the start of matches. Additionally, the spawn rate for med kits, chug jugs, and big shields are increased. You can see the full patch notes below.

The new mode, Infinity Gauntlet, launched earlier this week. Thanos was too strong at the start, and Epic nerfed the character right away.

Fortnite Patch Notes:

Thanos Changes

  • Increased Beam from 12 to 20 damage on players.
  • Increased Punch damage from 80 to 100.
  • Decreased health from 800 to 500.

General Mode Changes

  • Reduced height of the Bus when dropping
  • Bigger initial storm circle
  • Less storm damage early game (first 3 storms from 5%/5%/10% per tick to 1%/2.5%/5%)
  • Initial Gauntlet spawn time changed from bus ride plus 30-45s to bus ride plus 120-135s
  • Increased spawn rate of Med Kits, Chug Jugs and Big Shields.
  • Removed spawn of Bandages and Slurp Juice.
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