New Transformers: The Last Knight Clip Shows Off Bumblebee’s Awesome New Power

Transformers: The Last Knight is being set up as the biggest Transformers movie yet, from learning about why the robots in disguise are so closely connected to Earth, to depicting the war between them and the human race. However, there have been concerns over Bumblebee’s well being given that we’ve seen him fighting Optimus Prime, his onetime ally, in several previews and not faring well. Given Bumblebee’s importance to the franchise, the chances of him dying compared to the other Transformers are slim (especially with this new ability), but it’s not impossible. On the off chance Bumblebee does bite the dust, at least moviegoers won’t be separated from him for long, as the Bumblebee spinoff coming next year, and is described by Michael Bay as going “younger.”

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