The gaming headset that puts eyes in the back of your head!

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Imagine gaming like you’ve never experienced before!


Psyko PC Gaming HeadsetPut your self in the game with the amazing features described below while you help to support the Geeked Life brand. Living the Geeked life at the your PC or on your Xbox or Playstation gaming console. Learn More>>>



    Designed exclusively for PC with editions for Xbox 360/One and PS3/PS4.
    Five individual Speakers in the bridge of the heaset to recreate the perfect room.
    Precision audio waveguides naturally drive the sound to both ears with zero latency.
    Fully adjustable bass, volume control, and 5 LED visual direction indicators.
    There when you need it, but out of the way when you don’t.
    Pivot-open ear cups keep your ears cool during extended play, allows you to hear others.



Go Universal

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Universal Pictures!


Universal Studios Inc. is an American film studio, owned by Comcast through its wholly owned subsidiary NBCUniversal, and is one of Hollywood’s “Big Six” film studios

The Black Panther Movement

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The Rise Of A Revolution: The Black Panther

There are always hidden messages in the movies. We have seen it in all of the previous movies the movie industry elites have movies planned for years to come. This particular additive is right on time with the black power movement.They could not have timed it better. As a matter of fact, it is so well timed we think it was perfect although everything is perfect.

We are now looking deeper into the history of this character and finding out all of the very interesting correlations between the Black Panther and what is going on in the black community. However, it is based upon programming our subconscious mind to believe the we have been accepted, although we know that not the truth.

Even though they are giving us this time to shine it is still sending us in the direction that they want us to go. We don’t want to spoil the movie for you but, the outcome ends where the Black Panther sees that resistance and revenge are futile. That we have no choice but to accept the we have been pawns in the game from the beginning even though we are Kings, we are still just pieces of the Chess game played by the master.

Coming Soon From Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Sony Has It All!

Sony Pictures, the entertainment conglomerate has a hand in everything in entertainment. Without them I don’t really know how we would live. The own freaking everything. Including the cameras that all the other production companies use like Disney Pictures, and Warner Bros, just to name a couple. They probably are cutting the checks even to Dr. Dre for Beats Audio. We just saying… Upcoming movies in theaters: MONEY MONSTER (May 13), THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE (May 20), THE SHALLOWS (June 29), GHOSTBUSTERS (July 15), SAUSAGE PARTY (August 12), DON’T BREATHE (AUGUST 26), WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS (September 16), THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (September 23) and INFERNO (October 28)
Check out this awesome camera that we will be filming our parties with soon.

What’s New With Warner Bros. Pictures

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We are truly excited about the upcoming new additions to the Warner Bros. Portfolio of films. We also love that the new theatres are more like home with the reclining seats and bars. The world is becoming more awesome by the day.

Marvel World

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Our page for everything Marvel US.


What happens when Googling Marvel?


Here is some of what you get, but we would rather get info straight from the horses mouth. So we created this page to keep you up to date with all things Marvel-ous. If you want your Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman or Xmen collection to be up to date. We can get you off to a great start.

Here is a free App download just for visiting our Marvel World. Stay Geeked Up!


LG V10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Clash of the titans | Android Central

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For a lot of people, the V10 is still LG’s flagship phone. I happen to be one of them, and it’s time to compare the best LG has to offer against the current darling of the smartphone industry, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Source: LG V10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: Clash of the titans | Android Central 

We at Geeked Life kind of like the LG V10, only because of the larger size although they both serve different purposes. We can’t decide.  You be the judge. Which one would you prefer? LG V10 or Samsung Galaxy S7 edge?

Xbox Zone

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For The Xbox User.

What are your favorite Xbox games or experiences? Share your stories, gameplay, Youtube videos and Get Geeked Up with us and the rest of our paid members. Learn More>>>