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One Friends Plotline That Matthew Perry Refused To Do

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Unfortunately, Andy Cohen didn’t have time to follow up with Matthew Perry on the reason he didn’t like this possible story. I have to admit, though, now that I’ve heard about this, I kinda wish it had happened. And since I’ve probably seen every episode at least four times, I can sort of imagine how this would play out, which will be excellent for my Chandler-centric fan fiction. Oh, well. Maybe if we ever get that Friends reunion they say will never happen they can use this plot as part of it. Until you come across a cool Friends repeat, be sure to use our summer premiere schedule and Netflix premiere guide to fill out your viewing schedule in the coming months.

New Wonder Woman Clip Pits Diana Against One Of The Main Villains

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In this Wonder Woman clip provided to IGN, we see Diana barging in on the military operation General Ludendorff is overseeing. He appears to recognize her, which would make sense given that earlier Wonder Woman trailers showed those two at the same party, but he has no problem with swiftly eliminating her. What he didn’t count on what Diana being able to deflect his bullet straight back at his gun. From there the intense fight sequence breaks out, and even though Diana has trained as a warrior for gods know how long on Themyscira, Ludendorff, a normal human by all appearances, puts up a good fight. That said, given how she grabs her sword after Ludendorff tries to cut her down with it, we suspect she’ll come out of this victorious.

The Big Question Supergirl Fans Will Have After The Season Finale

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For the majority of Season 2, Cadmus has quite rightly been portrayed as an organization of people who refuse to accept aliens as deserving the right to live safely and freely among humans. Leader Lillian Luthor has been unashamed in her ambitions to rid the planet of aliens, and she and her underlings have wreaked some serious havoc on the alien population of National City as a pre-emptive strike. Obviously, punishing aliens for crimes they haven’t and almost certainly wouldn’t ever commit was terrible, but the arrival of the Daxamites on a mission to conquer Earth proves that maybe Cadmus had a little bit of a point about alien threats, and that’s a hard pill to swallow.

The Black-ish Spinoff Is Officially Happening

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An official name for the spinoff has not been finalized, although the working title is College-ish, which… gets the point across that this is a Black-ish spinoff, I suppose. The first season has scored an order for 13 episodes, which will run for a half hour each. The single-camera comedy won’t be hitting our screens any time too soon, however; it’s currently slated for an early 2018 debut on Freeform.

New Transformers: The Last Knight Clip Shows Off Bumblebee’s Awesome New Power

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Transformers: The Last Knight is being set up as the biggest Transformers movie yet, from learning about why the robots in disguise are so closely connected to Earth, to depicting the war between them and the human race. However, there have been concerns over Bumblebee’s well being given that we’ve seen him fighting Optimus Prime, his onetime ally, in several previews and not faring well. Given Bumblebee’s importance to the franchise, the chances of him dying compared to the other Transformers are slim (especially with this new ability), but it’s not impossible. On the off chance Bumblebee does bite the dust, at least moviegoers won’t be separated from him for long, as the Bumblebee spinoff coming next year, and is described by Michael Bay as going “younger.”

Why The Flash Finale Won’t Play Out How We Expect, According To The EP

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So from Savitar’s point of view, I figure he can’t just beat the life out of Barry, lest he disrupt his own existence in some way. So then I would expect the mecha-villain to continue tormenting Barry, picking off his other loved ones, until the present-day speedster snaps. I mean, if Savitar was a villain an R-rated movie, rather than a CW superhero show, that’s what would go down. But then, Barry has indeed seen quite a few of his loved ones murdered in front of him already, so even that falls under “expected.”

Hear The MCU’s Epic Cover Of The Spider-Man Theme Song For Homecoming

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Spider-Man has been a superhero fixture for 55 years, and several years after the Web-Slinger made his comics debut, he starred in his own animated series, the first of many. That particular series is best remembered nowadays for two things: providing material for online memes and its iconic theme song. Regarding the latter, that music just as associated with the Web-Slinger as the 1960s Batman TV theme is with DC Comics’ Caped Crusader. With Spider-Man: Homecoming only a couple months away, the movie’s composer, Michael Giacchino, posted an great orchestral cover of that earworm of a theme song for the internet to enjoy!

How The Roseanne Revival May Be Bringing John Goodman Back

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All things considered, ignoring the finale reveal and bringing Dan back alive and joking is probably the best route for the revival if it was going to incorporate the legendary John Goodman, who has been enthusiastic about a revival for a while now. Once it became clear that the revival wasn’t going to be a mind-bending prequel of some sort, the other options for bringing him back basically consisted of dream sequences, flashbacks, and/or ghostly appearances. Flashbacks would have been a stretch, as John Goodman really can’t pass as 20 years younger than his current age of 64. Dream sequences could have worked, but they would have severely limited what the show could do with a character. As for a return as a ghost… well, I’m not even going to try and justify that as a way to go.