Prey Review – Updated For Patch 1.02

With a sophisticated setting built to accommodate classic RPG mechanics we don’t see often enough in modern games, Prey feels both new and nostalgic at once. A wonderfully explorable science-fiction environment proves dense with interactive systems, intrigue, and ever-present danger. And even though combat’s only slightly preferable to the weak stealth options, I was a little surprised at how quickly my time-played clock seemed to tick toward 40 hours before I reached the end.

The first hours of Prey are enticing, with a mind-bending psychological opening scene that foreshadows a story more interesting than what the main plot ends up being. It’s fairly strong nevertheless, with some interesting implications and a few surprising characters who keep things moving along during dozens of hours of exploration. Its twist on the typical amnesiac protagonist premise prompted me to question everything I was told as I roamed the enormous and fascinatingly anachronistic space station, Talos I.

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