PUBG Might Get Even Bigger Maps In Future

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to grow, and it could do so again with even bigger maps than the ones currently in the game, according to creator Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene. In an interview with GameSpot, Greene stated he and the development team at PUBG Corp. may experiment with bigger maps–or more small ones–in the future.

“We want to continue to add these battlegrounds,” Greene said. “We now know that 4×4 works really well for a smaller battle royale–maybe we’ll look in the future at doing more 4×4 maps, [while] keeping those two scales of maps and maybe even doing bigger maps. The whole idea is to experiment with the game mode and see what works well.”

Greene went on to say that PUBG Corp. has another 8×8 map planned for this year, in addition to the smaller 4×4 map, Savage, which is in the testing phase right now on PC. The developer recently held a second round of testing for Savage, though that was only available to select players who received a beta key for the Closed Experimental Server. PUBG Corp. is also working on an underground cave system for Savage. Helpfully, the game will soon add the ability to choose which map you want to play on, a feature much requested by the community.

If you haven’t yet tried the battle royale game, PUBG is free to play on Xbox One this weekend if you own Xbox Live Gold. The game’s Xbox version will also receive the second battle royale map, Miramar, in May.

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