Sea of Thieves New Patch Aims to Fix Respawn ‘Griefing’

Sea of Thieves’ patch 1.0.2 goes live today, and with it, Rare is looking to fix one of the biggest issues players are having in the shared-world pirate game – having to fend off an endless number of respawning enemy ships.

In a patch notes post on the Sea of Thieves forums, the developer has listed a number of fixes and changes being introduced in the patch, but first and foremost is the ship respawn distance.

“When a ship sinks, we have significantly increased the distance at which the crews new ship will respawn. Ships will now respawn outside of visible view of the ship that sank them. This is in response to lots of player feedback which highlighted that the previous spawn distance was resulting in “griefing” behaviour and stalemates at the forts!”

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