Smartphone Projector?

Is This The Best Idea You Have! WHY?


We have been searching for a great idea to put a high-resolution projector in a smartphone for the last 4 years or so. It seems that the best idea turns out to be a cardboard box. We call it the not so smart, phone projector. Very innovative idea yet a little too low tech for us. We are calling out on all of our Geeky friends to come up with something better that can project higher quality images at larger sizes. We are also raising funds for this project through Crowdfunding. Not only are we seeking ideas to fund but also seeking investors for this idea. Please get in contact with us to learn how you may be able to participate.

Here are more epic fails at the Smartphone Projector:

After hearing that and reading the comments we are really not liking the progress. We will keep you posted if we find something really Geeky.

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