The Black Panther Movement

The Rise Of A Revolution: The Black Panther

There are always hidden messages in the movies. We have seen it in all of the previous movies the movie industry elites have movies planned for years to come. This particular additive is right on time with the black power movement.They could not have timed it better. As a matter of fact, it is so well timed we think it was perfect although everything is perfect.

We are now looking deeper into the history of this character and finding out all of the very interesting correlations between the Black Panther and what is going on in the black community. However, it is based upon programming our subconscious mind to believe the we have been accepted, although we know that not the truth.

Even though they are giving us this time to shine it is still sending us in the direction that they want us to go. We don’t want to spoil the movie for you but, the outcome ends where the Black Panther sees that resistance and revenge are futile. That we have no choice but to accept the we have been pawns in the game from the beginning even though we are Kings, we are still just pieces of the Chess game played by the master.

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