The Incredibles Honest Trailer Explores The Superhero Family’s Dysfunction

But it isn’t just the Parr family’s issues that paint The Incredibles in a dark light. Like many of the Pixar movies, The Incredibles is rated PG, which means that it’s suitable for nearly everyone. Yet in this movie, we have a high body count (Mr. Incredible discovering nearly all of his superhero allies have been killed), attempted suicide, a hero threatening to kill an innocent person and minions being eliminated with ease. The Incredibles handles this competently and without traumatizing children, but upon watching this movie as an older viewer, it’s clearer just how much adult content was crammed in. All this being said, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on: this is the best Fantastic Four movie never made. Alas, Marvel’s First Family still hasn’t been done justice on the big screen, so until they can be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least the Incredibles fill that gap nicely.

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