Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Game Review

3TR’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Game Review


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Thou the overarching story of Uncharted 4 stretches from multiple time periods across Nathan Drakes life. The main plot takes place some time after the events of Uncharted 3 Drake’s deception and since then Nathan has settled down with his wife Elena and is living the simple life away from treasure hunting. However One day his thought to be dead older brother Sam reappears and comes to Nathan seeking his help to find a hidden treasure that the two of them had attempted to find when they were younger in order pay off some debts that Sam owes to a dangerous drug lord. After some convincing Nathan ventures back into the dangerous world of treasure hunting that not only reunites Nathan with his lifelong friend Victor Sullivan but pits the 3 of them against an old business partner of Nathan and Sam’s and his hired army of mercenaries and as they travel around the world in a race against time to reach the treasure they will discover the secrets of past which reveals the true behind some of histories most notorious pirates. After having finished Uncharted 4 I can say that although the main plot of A Thief’s End is certainly not my favorite in the series and there are certainly some story elements that are not very original and there are some plot points and twist that most of you will see coming. This is still an incredible game that brings a satisfying ending to Nathan Drake story in Uncharted while giving little hints to a possible continuation of the Uncharted franchise. The strongest elements for me about the games plot not so much that adventure aspect the relationships and personal moments between the main cast of characters. The chemistry between Nathan and Samuel is truly electric brings out some of the best performances that I have seen in the Uncharted franchise from veteran Nolan North and newcomer Troy Baker proving once against why these two are some of the best performers in this industry. I really appreciate how much time the game spends going into Nathan and Samuels young past that reveals some very important details about their parents and where and how they gained their obsession with adventure seeking and even taking the time to bring light to an old plot point that really bothered me in the previous game but is answered here. The emotional moments of the story are very well handled appearing at the most proper of times without staying too long and adding some not need mellow drama with confrontation of Nathan having to help his brother which represents his past and wanting to live a normal life with Elena serving as his present brings some of the most dramatics scenes I’ve ever seen in a video game. The only weak element that the plot of A Theif’s End falls victim to are the underdeveloped antagonists, with their motivations for even taking part in this treasure hunt being so one dimensional that it feels like outdated clichés that I have seen enough times in both movies and video games. However, this element does not detract much from the overarching story which positives in the storytelling department easily outweigh any and all negative outpoints that the main plot provides.




For anyone who has played any of the previous 4 installments you will feel right at home as A Thief’s end plays practical identical to the previous installments thou there are now some serious new additions that will certainly enhance your enjoyment over the course of play-throughs. The core gameplay is that of a platform cover based shooter that spans across the standard amount of chapters typically seen in all the Uncharted entries. When you are not engaged with enemies you will spend your time exploring vast and different environments that grant you a great sense of adventure and wonder with every new terrain you will travel bringing it own amount of secrets to discover. 2856424-uncharted41During your exploration there is a lot of puzzles will test your mind and your ability to take advantage of the clues you will have at your disposal in order to move forward in the plot. Some of the  bigger additions to the game is the ability to drive a series of vehicles in an very vast and expansive maps from a pair of widespread islands with multiple hidden secrets to Volcano side that requires some nifty driving the use of a proper tool in order to get over some quite difficult terrain to get over. Another addition to the gameplay in the ability to swim in and under water, with this element it adds even more to exploration element of the game with you now needing to take the element of underwater secrets into account and having the ability to swim underwater will help you out a great deal in some of the more difficult combat engagements. However, the biggest addition to the core gameplay in terms of exploration and combat is the use of a hook and rope. This use of the hook and rope not only makes you feel more like Indiana Jones than ever before but it adds a serious upgrade in how one can traverse the environment as there are serial sections both in exploration and combat that built upon different elevations that will require you move up and down very quickly in order to get out tricky situations. I must also give praise to the combat A.I. developers as they have really stepped up their game here as the enemies A.I. across all the difficulties is quite capable of using the technique aspects of the environment itself against you to either keep pinned leaving you open to a flanking maneuver from directions that you would not expect or put enough fire on you to point where you are forced to move to location that the enemy A.I. has already prepared a series of ambushes for you  which for me forced me to have played very differently than I had been used to in previous installments. It took me about 14 hours to beat Uncharted 4 on my first play-through on HARD difficulty and I am not ashamed to say that I did die plenty of times. There is also a lot of collectible treasures to find that can grant you points to which you can then spend to add on cheats or modifications to your over gaming experience. Once you are done with main Campaign you take your skills into multiplayer and take part in a series of standard typical matches that many of you can expect from a cover based shooter. But  With such a challenging experience Naughty Dog continues their tradition of bringing well-balanced gameplay style to the front while’s adding some new elements which make it stand apart from the previous installments while still feeling very familiar to players use to the uncharted gameplay format.



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Since the very first installment of uncharted back in 2007 Naughty Dog Studio has proven to be masters at creating quality AAA titles that push the boundaries of what video games are capable of with the right design elements and they have done it once again hear on nearly every possible level. The visuals for A Thief’s End are without question the absolute best that will find to date out of all their current game consoles. The developers have taken the full power of the PlayStation 4 and have used it to its makes. The attention to detail on the characters models is simply incredible. The facial expressions captured so well he that you literally have a good sense of how the character is feeling and reacting to situations without them ever needing to say a word. Even the that the characters models are wearing can react to the environment as jumping into water darkens your character and even the elements of mud can actually stain your clothes as well.  In terms of environments, A Thief’s End without question has the most diverse collection of different landscapes to explore that thou do have boundaries feel more expensive than any previous title. And with such wide spacing environments, you really are encouraged to explore as much as you want and this element is even carried on into the combat sections as there are really very few linear pathways and grants you a good number of options and approaches that keep the game feeling fresh even with multiple playthroughs. The music score once again adds to the atmosphere of the game including adding a sense of tension and excitement when the action set pieces begin and will keep you on the edge of the seat until its conclusion. The only technique issues I encounter throughout my playthrough was the cover base system can sometimes have trouble moving your character to your desired position from time to time and I did happen to encounter a number of underwater visual effect error that I don’t believe were polished very well. But not serious that would affect your overall experience with the game.

RATING: 9/10


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