What the Welsh Offer in Thrones of Britannia: Total War Saga

We got a look at the Irish last time we saw Thrones of Britannia, the Total War Saga spin-off, and this time around the Welsh kingdom of Gwined and the viking realm of Northymbre were in the spotlight. The Welsh are led by King Anararaut, and start with a highly defensible position on the island of Ynis Mon – modern day Anglesey. Anaraut’s father, Rhodri the Great, was a great king who brought the Welsh together, but after his death, his sons have somewhat predictably fallen to infighting. As is often the case in Total War, you’ll have to unify your neck of the woods to establish a stable base for going after enemies further afield. Luckily, the rugged terrain of Wales will make it just a bit easier to hold off outside invaders until the civil war is wrapped up.

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