Why Persona and Yakuza Offer Incredible Video Game Tourism

Japan is one of my favourite places to go on holiday. I’ve been twice and there’s just something magical about it that is hard to quantify. I’m not sure if it’s because so much of my childhood was defined by Japanese games and media or if it’s the culture shock of a country that’s so very very different to my home in Australia, but I spend most of my time in Japan walking around open-mouthed in awe.

On those trips I’ve stayed in both rural areas and Tokyo city. I’ve been to shrines, parks and shops, and experienced a mix of the very traditional and the very modern. There is no place quite like Japan; from the food to the people to its complicated cultural tapestry. Visits to Japan, however, are a rare treat, so I thought I’d share my recent experiences with Persona and Yakuza; two game series’ that have brought me closer to the feeling of being there than anything else I’ve ever done on Australian shores.

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